The YMDS Panel is collecting input from a variety of sources, including: the YMDS Survey; the online discussion forum; audio, video, and written submissions; presentations to the Panel; the toll-free hotline, and meetings with governments and stakeholder organizations. A list of meetings to date can be found here.

We have received the following written submissions:

Submission Date Submitted By On Behalf Of Document
20/06/26 Kevin Brewer Written Submission
20/06/24 Jim Taggart Written Submission
20/06/22 Gary Lee Yukon Prospectors Association Written Submission
20/05/28 Yukon Heritage Resources Board Written Submission
20/05/28 Randi Newton and Dr. Kate Nowak CPAWS Yukon Written Submission
20/05/13 Skeeter Wright Carcross/Tagish First Nation Written Submission
20/05/01 Lewis Rifkind Yukon Conservation Society Written Submission
20/03/14 Larry Carlyle Written Submission

We are maintaining a “What We’re Hearing” document. This document will be updated periodically as we process the information we’re receiving. If you feel that there is a perspective missing from the What We’re Hearing document, or if there is inaccurate information, please let us know using our What We’re Hearing Feedback Form.

The What We’re Hearing document is broken down into the following sections, in no particular order:

  1. Communities
  2. First Nations
  3. The Environment
  4. Prospecting, Claims, and Staking
  5. Consultation
  6. Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Systems
  7. Land Use Planning and Land Access
  8. Reclamation
  9. Legislation
  10. Government Revenues
  11. Infrastructure and Housing
  12. Economy (Including Mining Investment, Local Businesses, and Employment)
  13. Technology
  14. Heritage
  15. Mining Legacies and Ethical Mining
  16. Visions for the Future
These categories are likely to change as we receive more information.