The Yukon Mineral Development Strategy Panel wants to ensure that this process is well-informed and that the recommendations are well-considered. As such, please note that the timeframes listed in this process are approximations.

The Engagement stage of the YMDS Process has begin. You can find a summary of the Pre-Engagement Survey results here.

In the Engagement stage, we’re reaching out to Yukoners, Yukon First Nations and trans-boundary indigenous groups, industry, and organizations who would like to have a say about what modern mineral development practices might look like in the Yukon. The YMDS Panel will be traveling to Yukon communities and there will be opportunities to engage online. The Engagement stage is expected to run from January until the end of May 2020.

After the Engagement stage is complete, the Panel will release a “What We Heard” report in July 2020. This report will be used to inform the Panel’s Draft Recommendations. Because it’s important that the Panel’s recommendations be well-considered, the Panel will share the Draft Recommendations for a period of Public Comment. The Public Comment period will run from September until December 2020.

Finally, the Panel will consider the feedback received during the Public Comment period and will re-draft and submit the Final Yukon Mineral Development Strategy Recommendations to Government of Yukon and First Nations in January 2021. At this point, the Panel’s work is done and Government of Yukon and Yukon First Nations will consider and possibly act on the Panel’s recommendations.

We need your guidance on how to make that happen.