The YMDS Independent Panel adopted a broad-based approach to engagement and invited participants to speak openly about how mineral development affects the Yukon and what matters to them about mineral development. The pre-engagement process and engagement process spanned more than a year (including a three-month extension for COVID-19), and was promoted using direct correspondence, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, online/social media advertisements, and direct mailers to all Yukon mailboxes.  

Input was collected through regional online open houses, focus groups, a toll-free line, over 90+ meetings, three surveys, written submissions, a two-day session with elders, and more. The input was compiled into an extensive What We Heard Report and a Summary of Key Findings.

The YMDS Panel used the input collected from this process to develop their Draft Yukon Mineral Development Strategy and Recommendations. The Independent Panel then invited the public to comment on their Draft Strategy and Recommendations either by completing a Public Comment Survey or by uploading a written submission.

The Independent Panel considered the feedback received in the Public Comment stage to craft its Final Yukon Mineral Development Strategy and Recommendations, which has now been submitted to Government of Yukon and First Nations. With the submission of the Final Strategy and Recommendations, the Independent Panel’s work is done and Government of Yukon and Yukon First Nations will consider and possibly act on the Panel’s recommendations.