Over the course of the YMDS Process, we’ll be exploring a number of complex topics related to mineral development in the Yukon, six at a time. The questions are intended to be provocative and do not reflect the opinions of the YMDS Panel. Rather, your participation in this discussion will help the Panel ensure they aren’t overlooking important insights and perspectives. From time-to-time, we may incorporate perspectives we’ve heard through different parts of the Engagement Process (ex. the online survey, open houses, presentations to the Panel, etc.).

Participation in the online discussion forum requires a free Kialo account. Kialo helps its users visualize discussions as an interactive tree of pro and con arguments. At the top is a question the Panel is holding. Participants can discuss the advantages and disadvantages using pro and con arguments underneath. Each one of these arguments can branch into subsequent arguments that support or oppose, in turn. The arguments can be rated by their impact on their parent argument, and higher-rated arguments are moved toward the top. It is important to note that this is not an opinion poll and ratings will not be used as such.

Ongoing use of this tool requires that participants engage in a respectful, productive manner and in accordance with the Online Submission Standards. Please take this opportunity to explore, consider, and contribute to the advantages and disadvantages of the questions posed, whether you agree with them or not.

The questions we are currently exploring are:

  1. Should the Yukon encourage mineral development?
  2. Should the Yukon consider online staking?
  3. Given the number of fly-in/fly-out workers, should the Yukon consider a payroll tax?
  4. Should the YESAA process consider the beneficial impacts when considering project assessments?
  5. Should the Yukon strive to become a world leader in ethical mining?
  6. Should the Yukon consider limiting the number of operating mines at any given time?

If you have an idea for a discussion topic, please e-mail us here.