Complex Considerations

Mineral development is complex and there are many things that must be considered as part of the Mineral Development Strategy process. We have developed a Discussion Document that raises just some of those complex considerations. Of course, there are many considerations and you’ve provided us with some of those through our Pre-Engagement and Engagement Process.

The YMDS Strategy and Recommendations makes reference to several reports and resources:

Other Links

  • Yukon has more than 2,700 identified mineral occurrences. You can look for them here.
  • Eleven of the 14 First Nations in the territory have land claim agreements in place. You can learn more about these agreements here.
  • Different types of mineral development activity are governed by a multitude of Acts, regulations, and guidelines. You can find some of them here.
  • Want a bird’s-eye view of mining activity in the Yukon? Check out the Yukon Mining Alliance’s VR tours!
  • Do you love statistics? We’ve got some here.
  • Curious about which businesses are involved in Yukon’s mining industry? The Yukon Chamber of Mines has a Mining and Exploration Directory and a number of other useful resources.
  • Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Want to learn more about mineral development in the Yukon? Visit the Government of Yukon’s Mineral Development Branch.
  • Curious about placer mining? Take a look at the links and resources offered by the Klondike Placer Miners Association.